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Revamping Product Development Process for Faster Time-to-market

In this age of connected-device ecosystem, embedded systems have penetrated into the lives of people, enabling omnipresent connectivity and are now a vital and inseparable part of the modern day lifestyle. With increasing customer-centric approach in the market, customers are no longer willing to settle down for anything less than the best, be it in quality, cost efficiency or delivery time. This has amplified pressure on equipment manufacturers and suppliers to continuously enhance the product quality and reduce the time-to-market within the budget constraints without compromising on the technology aspects. While realizing the product ideas, manufacturers face a lot of challenges in electronic design automation in terms of complex application architecture and product lifecycle management. Enabling enterprises to speed up the time-to-market and minimize the costs while maintaining the quality by addressing their complex business problems is Softnautics, a Product Engineering Solutions Company.

Ensuring Better Product Quality
Softnautics offers a wide range of embedded system design services with a specific focus on embedded software development, test automation & system-level validation for SoCs, application & UI development and support & sustaining engineering. “We have been providing reliable and adaptable product engineering services for our customers to help them meet their technical, schedule, and budget requirements. With expertise in BSP & device drivers, multimedia codecs, imaging & vision algorithms and hardware design, we are fully equipped for technology-driven execution and quality delivery for the corporations across industries including Automotive, Connected Cameras, Semiconductor, IoT and Healthcare,” informs Rajesh Shah, CEO, Softnautics about their embedded system design and product engineering services.
Apart from embedded system design services, the company also offers VLSI IP products and VLSI design services in the area of front-end design, verification and FPGA prototyping. “Our expertise in VLSI design and verification services can transfer client’s product ideas into cost-effective System-on-Chip (SoC) designs for Networking, Mobile, Multimedia and Consumer Electronics solutions,” he adds speaking about their VLSI design services.
End-to-end Solutions for Product Lifecycle Management and Realization
Being a pure-play engineering services company with capabilities in Silicon, Media, Device, Digital, and Quality Engineering, Softnautics provides end-to-end solutions to OEMs, semiconductor companies and tier-1 suppliers in various verticals and helps them overcome the challenges of resource constraints, tight product development, etc. while adhering to budget limitations. “We offer comprehensive solutions for complete product lifecycle management and product realization, and intelligent products engineering services by undertaking designs of ASICs, SoC and VLSI,” explains Rajesh Shah, CEO, Softnautics. To help clients address the challenges of next-gen application architecture for end-to-end business collaboration, the company is also working on the agile process, digital experience and quality enhancement, while leveraging the sensing and edge technologies that can take decisions based on self-learning.
Yocto Project-based Embedded Linux Solutions
Linux-based embedded systems that support all hardware architectures and offer full source code are
becoming increasingly popular today. Softnautics offers embedded Linux solutions with rich graphics, secure IoT and cloud enablement along with comprehensive development tools based on the Yocto Project that has simplified the customization of Linux for embedded systems. Foreseeing the future implications of machine learning and cognitive systems, the company is empowering clients to create solutions with TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet and other deep learning frameworks. “Our clients who are mostly repetitive in nature include CadenceMentor GraphicsXilinxLattice SemiconductorMegachips, etc. Our engineers work to complement the client’s team and help them speed up time-to-market, implement new technologies, reduce costs, and perform rigorous testing to ensure better quality products,” concludes Rajesh Shah.

Reference: CIOReviewIndia
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