Realize high-performance Silicon
with end-to-end ASIC/FPGA/SoC
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Optimizing efficiency to meet fast-growing market requirements

VLSI design services

Minimize time-to-market and costs with Softnautics’ domain expertise

With today’s enterprises investing more in technology, their need for hardware innovation and intelligently integrated embedded systems is growing. To address this in a comprehensive and scalability-oriented manner, Softnautics designs, develops, and tests a diverse selection of hardware, software, firmware, and applications.

FPGA services

Get customized VLSI design services anywhere in your chip design cycle

With an in-house R&D team and expertise in IP development, we can customize our VLSI design services and assist you at any stage of the chip design cycle, from spec to deployment.

Device Lifecycle Management

Digital Design

Feasibility report, micro-architecture, RTL coding – Verilog, SystemVerilog, Lint, CDC, Synth, STA .

DSP optimization


FPGA porting of IP/system, FPGA specific optimization, Xilinx/Intel/MicroChip/Lattice specific porting and debugging expertise.

ML acceleration


Test-plan and VE development and enhancement with SystemVerilog, UVM, IP/SoC level verification based on Coverage-driven directed and random tests.

Integrated experiences

Pre/post-silicon hardware/software functional co-verification

Feasibility and customized/off-the-shelf hardware/software setup, Test-plan development, FPGA/ASIC based SoC with Processor based system with drivers and application firmware Verification.


IP Maintenance and Support

Customer IP maintenance, end-customer support, system integration, application level logic updates, system level verification.

Are You Looking For VLSI Verification Services?

Discover a multifaceted approach to VLSI Design

Softnautics’ effective combination of skilled resources for architecture, coding, testing, EDA tools, methodologies, project management,
and effective customer communication has brought our customers tremendous success.


Tools and Expertise

We have been proactively working in the area of high-speed serial interface IPs, delivering state-of-the art analog, RF and mixed signal integrated circuits.

Providing value addition services to FPGA families.


Expertise with connectivity protocols.


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Delivering optimal solutions for our customers’ business needs

VLSI Verification Services


Embedded Systems

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