Reinforce Data Security with our
Erasure IP ​ ​

Data-backup can push your costs up by 200%, and even there are high chances of data loss. Manage erasures and optimize your data recovery costs with an IP based on Reed-Solomon codes.

Data erasure is a powerful way to tighten data security

Modern applications built for data centers and the cloud can make you organization vulnerable as storage devices have a high probability of being corrupted. While data-backup solutions are useful, they can push the costs up by more than 200%. Why not get a smart solution that ensures 100% data recovery in case of up to certain storage device failure?
Designed to improve IT asset management, it offers ready-to-use implementation with following valuable capabilities:

  • Parallel read of symbols a single clock across storage devices and fix erasures
  • Provides maximum correction capability by adapting the algorithm to correct only the erasures
  • Flow-through design with low latency
  • Zero additional memory for encoder design

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