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Across all businesses, network investments are becoming increasingly important in driving success. As more businesses rely on information and communications networks, a well-designed and well-maintained network can provide increased productivity, higher performance, and significantly reduced downtime. Softnautics network engineering services and solutions span network chipset/device design, application development, Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), PMIPv6 based mobility, and test automation for both wireless and wired connectivity. We help our clients to handle data more effectively, with reduced latency, and providing faster insights.

Network Engineering Services​

Evolving technologies like AI/ML, IoT, 5G and cloud enabled data centers are driving incredible growth in the networking and digital communications industry. Softnautics understands the challenges associated with wired as well as wireless solution design and helps organizations build performance optimized networking solutions via its network engineering services. 

Overview of network engineering services



  • Network Protocol & App Development 
  • Network Stack & Performance Optimization
  • Network Test Automation
  • Network Module Integration
  • Software Defined Networking


  • Wireless Solutions (Wi-Fi, BLE, RF)
  • Customer Premise Equipment 
  • WLAN Drivers
  • Wi-Fi Co-existence

Technical Expertise​

Our experts can build the complete software stack for SDN related ASIC, including SDK, drivers, control plane, and L2/L3 network protocol. We enable network equipment and chipset manufacturers, carrier networks and data centers to build next-gen networking solutions.

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