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AI Engineering & Machine Learning Services​ ​ ​

Businesses have begun to contemplate fully autonomous intelligent systems that can interact and conceive the environment around them to stay ahead in the global market. As they begin to manage this present technological transition, industries are looking for trusted and experienced technology partners. Softnautics with its AI engineering and machine learning services helps businesses build intelligent solutions in the areas of computer vision, cognitive computing, artificial intelligence & FPGA acceleration. We possess the capability to handle a complete Machine Learning (ML) pipeline involving dataset, model development, optimization, testing, and deployment. We built open-source algorithms and frameworks for data processing on cloud and edge platforms. To keep ahead of the competition, we assist our clients in integrating emergent and superior technology into developed solutions.

AI Engineering Services

Our Machine Learning and Deep Learning based model designs allow businesses to move away from traditional rule-based procedures and come closer to more intelligent ones, ensuring data driven decision making, automated business operations and increased productivity. 

Overview of machine learning services


Computer Vision​

  • Machine & Computer Vision Algorithms
  • Object Detection, Identification & Visual Perception
  • Image Capture & Optimization
  • Vision Analytics & Processing
  • Optical Character Recognition

ML Lifecycle Management​

  • MLOps – Automated ML Pipeline Deployment
  • Model Designing, Optimization, Testing & Porting
  • Inference Engines & Metrics
  • ML Transfer Learning Framework
  • Data Augmentation & Annotation 

Cognitive Computing​

  • Deep Learning & Neural Networks 
  • AI/ML on Edge & Cloud
  • ML Application Acceleration
  • Cross Platform Porting & Integration
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

AI & FPGA ​Acceleration Solutions​

  • Scene Detection & Text Analytics 
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Audio Analytics & Key-phrase Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • ML Reference Designs & POC

Technical Expertise​

Softnautics AI/ML experts have in-depth experience in designing optimized AI solutions over various edge platforms including CPUs, GPUs, TPUs, and neural network compilers to run Machine Learning algorithms. Our focus is on building low power machine learning inference models yet achieving high accuracy and performance.

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