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Consumers are seeking seamless audio-video experiences at home and on the move as technology becomes an inextricable part of our lives and content becomes pervasive. In the following years, the multimedia technology sector is set to undergo significant changes. The development of these technologies for embedded systems has become a prerequisite that mandates expert guidance. Softnautics addresses multimedia on diverse architectures and platforms including multi-core ARM, DSP, GPUs, and FPGAs enabling real-time and efficient processing capabilities. We provide a comprehensive foundation for developing multimedia systems and solutions involving media infotainment systems, audio/video solutions, media streaming, camera-enabled applications, immersive solutions, and more. We extent multimedia engineering services to clients across industries ranging from Media & Entertainment, Automotive, Gaming, Consumer Electronics, Security, and Surveillance.

Multimedia Engineering Services​

Softnautics experts deliver next-gen media solutions involving simplest to the most complex multimedia technologies. We have hands-on experience in designing high performance media applications, architect complete video pipelines, audio/video codecs development, applications porting, and more.

Overview of mutimedia engineering services


Audio Solutions​

  • Audio Codec Engineering
  • Audio Command Detection
  • Audio Algorithm Development
  • ALSA Driver Development

Video Solutions​

  • Video Codec Engineering
  • Surveillance & DVR
  • Video Analysis & Validation
  • VoD & Media Streaming
  • Image Stitching

Embedded & Multimedia Systems​

  • Multimedia Framework Integration
  • Multimedia Systems & SDK Development
  • Android Multimedia & HAL Development
  • OpenVX Acceleration
  • Media Infotainment Systems

Camera enabled Solutions​

  • Smart Camera Applications
  • Firmware & Driver Development
  • Image Signal Processing (ISP)
  • Camera Framework Integration

Immersive Solutions​

  • AR/VR Application Development
  • VR Gadget Feature Development
  • VR Streaming on Wi-Fi
  • Open Standard based VR/AR
  • VR on Cloud

Technical Expertise​

We are committed to deliver high-speed, top quality media solutions involving content in the form of images, videos, text, speech, etc. and providing seamless audio/video experience using latest technologies and frameworks. 
Tools and Tech Multimedia

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