Tape out first-pass silicon success with
our VLSI Verification and Validation Services

Given the complexity of today’s semiconductor digital designs, the verification and validation process requires a multi-pronged strategy, covering pivotal aspects of verification at each stage of silicon design. Softnautics provides top-notch VLSI verification and validation services to ASIC/FPGA/SoC manufacturers, OEMs and design houses catering to industries spanning automotive, industrial automation, consumer electronics, networking, etc. Our VLSI experts uses the most up-to-date technological approaches, tools and languages to perform silicon verification and validation.

VLSI Verification & Validation Services​

Softnautics has been working in the area of verification and validation to accomplish our customer’s goal to have first-pass quality silicon tape out or VLSI IPs in the market. We have hands-on experience over leading verification tools enabling faster and accurate results. 

Overview of VLSI verification and validation services


SV/UVM Expertise

Assertion based Verification

IP/SoC level Verification


Constrained Random & Coverage-driven Verification

Pre & Post Silicon Validation

Functional, Power & Performance Validation

System Debug

Technical Expertise​

Our verification team holds the capability to work on complex SoCs, IPs, sub-systems, ASIC and FPGA based designs, block level verification, build robust verification test bench and secured environment. ​

Tools and technology used in VLSI verification and validation

Success Stories

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