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Quality engineering has become a crucial discipline for firms wanting to transform their business, stay ahead of the competition and enhance their customer experience. Quality engineering trends are on the rise, with a focus on Agile and DevOps. As a result, the evolution of newer and more advanced testing methodologies has been streamlined. We provide Quality Engineering services for both software and embedded devices to help organizations design high quality products/solutions to compete in the market. Softnautics closely work with customer project teams to ensure that quality is taken care from start to completion of the entire project. Our comprehensive quality engineering services include embedded and product testing, DevOps and test automation, machine learning testing and compliances. 

Quality Engineering Services​

We help businesses achieve their goals by providing quality validation through manual and automated testing services. Our in-house test automation framework STAF assist companies in testing end-to-end solutions with increased testing efficiency and reduced time to market. We also enable solutions to comply with various industrial standards such as FuSa ISO 26262, MISRA C, AUTOSAR and more.

Overview of quality engineering services


Device & Embedded Testing​

  • Multimedia, Audio/Video Testing
  • Embedded System & Integration Testing
  • Test Tool Development
  • Network Interface Card Validation
  • Software Toolchain Testing

Quality Assurance & Product Testing​

  • Performance & Functional Testing
  • Sensor Integration & Interoperability
  • Peripherals & Connectivity Testing
  • Connected App/Edge Testing

DevOps & Test Automation​

  • Continuous Integration, Deployment & Testing
  • Device to Cloud Test Automation
  • Test Automation Frameworks
  • Automation Scripts
  • QA Farms

ML Testing​

  • Dataset & Feature Validation
  • Model Validation & Performance Benchmarking
  • Model Parameters Traceability 
  • ML Library Integration Testing
  • Embedded Neural Network Application Testing
  • CNN Compiler Validation

Certification, Compliance & Consulting ​

  • FuSa – ISO 26262
  • OpenVX Vision Library Conformance
  • Tools/Frameworks Assessment & Integration Support
  • Feasibility Analysis
  • Test Lab Setup Advisory

Technical Expertise​

Our testing experts ensure right performance and security of the solutions by leveraging a mix of automated and manual testing methods, tools, frameworks aligning to various industrial requirements. We are determined to deliver best-in-class quality solutions matching client expectation. 

Tools and Tech Quality

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