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The future of the automotive industry is being reshaped by connected cars and seamless mobility. In the automotive industry, this is leading to the convergence of information, entertainment, and safety systems into unified platform architectures.  As a result, automakers are being driven to adopt new generation technology and a new development ecosystem. Softnautics help automotive businesses to build HMI and Infotainment based solutions such as gesture/voice/touch recognition, infotainment sub-menu navigation, object/lane detection and so on that involves FPGAs, CPUs, Microcontrollers. Our team of experts has experience working with adaptive AUTOSAR, FuSa (ISO 26262), and MISRA C compliances as well as autonomous driving systems, vehicle diagnostics, car fitness trackers, functionalities and middleware. We assist our clients throughout intelligent automotive solutions development cycle from design to testing.

Automotive Offerings

Equipped with powerful machine learning frameworks and tools, Softnautics’ highly-qualified team enables automotive manufacturers with rapid technology advancements. With over a decade of experience in audio, video, connectivity (CAN, wireless mesh, Wi-Fi), edge platforms, sensors and GENIVI framework, we enable automotive companies to add cognitive features, media streaming, and autonomous driving making it future ready.

Engine Health Diagnostics

Driver Distraction Detection

Object/Lane Detection

HMI & Infotainment Systems

Smart Parking Solutions

Traffic Sign Recognition

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