About Us

Established in 2007 in the hub of Silicon Valley, Softnautics Inc. is a niche semiconductor and embedded AI solutions company with design expertise in systems software, FPGA, and VLSI IP development. Armed with technology oriented mind frame, market awareness, and domain experts, we design intelligent solutions for our customer’s needs. Our diverse talent pool across multiple global centers enable us to provide optimized, efficient, scalable and cost-effective end to end solutions, enabling our customers to rely on us for their products/solutions in the competitive market. Softnautics has successfully developed wireless mesh, cloud-based Wi-Fi AP, IoT gateways, Bluetooth wearable, BLE tokens, 4K video processing, noise canceling solutions, Machine Learning based face recognition, object/lane/sign/key-phrase detection on edge/cloud, automotive control unit, and more.

Over a decade of experience in solution design for our customer’s business requirements, it equips us with innovative ways to provide unique services to each customer. Our skilled team of developers and managers work directly with our customers, driving the project effectively and eliminating all the requirement discrepancies. Our product development team in Silicon Valley is committed to understanding the customer goals and driving the project in that direction. We at Softnautics drive our business drivers.



To be the most trusted, adaptable, customer friendly semiconductor and embedded AI solutions company


Provide a reliable, predictable, adaptable IP and semiconductor engineering solutions for our customers

Our Customers