Reed Solomon FEC Codec ​ ​

Softnautics Reed Solomon IP core codec is based on IEEE 802.3bj Clause 91 specification. Cyclic code used is RS (528,514) for 7 symbol error correction and RS (544,514) for 15 symbol error correction. Encoder and Decoder are separate synthesizable cores.

Flow-through design with low latency

Different architectures available to meet area and throughput requirements. RS based IP cores available for applications beyond IEEE 802.3bj.

  • RS (544,514) and RS (528,514) can be switched dynamically i.e. code word by code word
  • Parallel interface for processing multiple symbols in a clock
  • Ability to bypass error correction to reduce latency through the core
  • Small FIFO inside the core to store the code word while it is being decoded
  • No memory required

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