Developing connected solutions with
our cutting-edge Digital Engineering Services

Implementation of the latest technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Mobility, Cloud, etc. has redefined business models and value chain. From concept to realization to testing and deployment, Softnautics deliver tailor-made IoT solutions and cloud connected applications for your organization’s modernization requirements. We empower enterprise to lead the future with connected solutions backed by cloud, mobility and data for improved efficiency and enhanced user experience. We help global customers to successfully embark on the digital transformation journey and stay ahead of the competition with smart industrial solutions via our digital engineering services.

Digital Engineering Services​

Internet of Things (IoT), digital twin, connected applications, and cloud services integration are actively powering domains like automotive, consumer, industrial and home automation today. At Softnautics, we enable businesses to tap into the power of these next-gen technologies and transform the way they manage assets and run operations.

Design engineering service



  • IoT Device Connectivity
  • Gateway Integration & Management
  • Digital Twin
  • IoT Device Lifecycle Management
  • Gateway & Cloud Security


  • Mobile App Development
  • UX Design
  • Mobile Automation Framework


  • Cloud Migration
  • Cloud Design & Architecture
  • Cloud Service Integration

Technical Expertise​

Using a design-led approach, we bring together next-gen technologies and best-in-class techniques to help enterprises, start-ups and OEMs build end-to-end IoT solutions involving edge devices and its lifecycle management, sensors, cloud, and connected mobile applications.

Tools and technology used in digital engineering

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