Expand your market presence with state-of-the-art consumer electronics solutions

As the consumer electronics industry expands beyond producing and distributing hardware into delivering connected experiences, the expectations around device capabilities increases. To help consumer businesses meet these expectations, Softnautics offers a wide range of consumer electronics solutions. We help in building connected consumer electronic devices and accessories that can be monitored/controlled remotely via connected mobile application. Our expertise encompasses audio/video systems, augmented and virtual reality, automation solutions, smart wearables, and a complete overhaul in consumer electronics engineering for OEMs.

Consumer Electronics Offerings

To help consumer electronics companies boost their presence in the market, we enable seamless connectivity and analyze consumer usage patterns through our expertise in various cutting-edge technologies such as cloud connectivity with IoT devices, data driven insights and predictive analytics with machine learning, etc. We offer customized product design, development and testing across BLE wearables, gadget diagnostics, mobile applications, wireless router products, activity monitoring and test frameworks.

Targeted Advertisements

Fitness & Activity Monitoring

Footfall Analysis

Age & Gender Identification

Smart Wearable, Sensors & Gateways

Security & Surveillance

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