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Embedded Systems

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Product Engineering Services

Innovate faster with expert product design, system integration, and testing

With today’s enterprises investing more in technology, their need for hardware innovation and intelligently integrated embedded systems is growing. To address this in a comprehensive and scalability-oriented manner, Softnautics designs, develops, and tests a diverse selection of hardware, software, firmware, and applications.

Device Engineering Services

Transform your business with stronger IoT connectivity

A key digital transformation technology, IoT helps enterprises stay competitive. The rising IoT adoption is creating a powerful impact on IT and OT infrastructures and fueling the evolution of devices. For a competitive advantage, get robust device capabilities and security using our device engineering services.

Deliver customer-centric products with Softnautics’ Device Engineering mosaic

To expedite product development, Softnautics offers embedded systems development and device porting services along with customizations across various BSPs, OSs, firmware and device drivers, middleware, and applications.

platform enablement

Platform enablement

Ensuring smooth new processor platform adoption and firmware migration on leading platform providers.

device engineering

Device value engineering

Encompassing platform migration, OS porting, feature enhancement, and product re-engineering.

embedded performance

Embedded performance

Enabling kernel optimization, BOM optimization, power optimization, boot time optimization, and latency & performance tuning.

embedded software

Embedded software

Supporting firmware development, device driver, board bring-up, board support package (BSP), middleware stack development, and application development.

Expand innovation capabilities with Softnautics’ edge expertise

We deliver connectivity, security, and testing solutions with the right tools to help enterprises harness the power of data.

Edge engineering

Device connectivity solutions (Zigbee, BLE (4.x), 6LoWPAN, Low Power Wi Fi, Sub 1GHz); gateway customization and/or management; sensor integration; over-the-air (OTA); edge security; interoperability; edge analytics & intelligence; and drivers & BSP.

Device security

Root of trust (TPM, HSM,TEE); secure boot; cryptography, certification, attestation and authentication; vulnerability scanning; penetration testing; and edge-to-cloud security for IoT solutions.

Device testing

Low power functional and system SW testing; static code analysis and functional safety; storage and peripheral driver testing; system level validation for audio chipset; DFS certification; protocol and stack testing; diagnostic utility; and end-to-end IoT solution testing.

Device Engineering

Tools and Technology

We combine the best of usability design and the right selection of technology stacks to provide end-to-end product design and development services.

Device Engineering

Tools and Framework

xlinix vitis
Lattice sense
Lattice Radiant
code composer studio

Operating System

Lattice sense
arm bed
Custom Linux
vx works

Edge Expertise

Tools and Framework

AzureEdge IoT Services
kali linux
BLE Protocol Analyzer
USB Analyzer

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