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Embedded System Design Services

We offer a unique blend of critical components in the development of embedded systems. Our embedded system design services include but not limited to the design & development of hardware, software, firmware, and application. We also help with OS porting, BSP, test automation and mass manufacturing support. Various companies in wireless, networking, streaming media, and mobility domains are using our services. Our engineers with several vertical expertise work as an extension of your team to expedite your time-to-market, incorporate new technologies, cost-reduce your BOM, and perform rigorous testing to assure the quality of your products.

Our Focus Areas


Embedded Software Development

  1. Operating System Porting
    • LINUX, Android, DSP BIOS, VxWorks, Nucleus, FreeRTOS, TinyOS
  1. Device Drivers
    • Wireless: 802.11a/b/g/n MAC Driver on Linux/VxWorks, 802.11 SoftMAC, FullMAC Driver
    • Networking: IWARP (RDMA), Gigabit Ethernet Driver
    • Multimedia: V4L2, FBDev, DRM, VPBE, VPFE, Resizer, OSD, Previewer, DAC, ALSA, SLIMBus, DAIs, I2S
    • Others: IR, I2C, SPI, PCI, UART, eMMC, SATA, RS485, LCD, Keypad, DMA Engines, GPIO, PCMCIA, PWM, Interrupt Controllers, Timers, PLL/Clock, RFID, Barcode
  1. Platform Migration Support
    • Qualcomm, TI, Xilinx, Freescale, Tensilica, Custom chipsets
  1. Development, Porting & Optimization of Middleware Libraries
    • Wireless: Bluetooth, Zigbee, 6LowPan, Low Power Wi-Fi, Mac 802.11 & Net 802.11 protocol stack, 802.11i Security, 802.11 a/b/g/n
    • Multimedia: MP4, RTP, RTSP stack, RTCP, Matroska Mux/Demux, Optimization Audio/Video/Image Codes like H.264, MP3, Vorbis, WMA, JPEG, etc.

Support and Sustaining Engineering

  • Provide quality support and sustaining engineering services
  • Continuous integration support
  • Experience of worldwide customer support of product

Test Automation for SoCs

  • Automate QA and validation process
  • Test automation framework & tools: Robot framework, Autotest, JUnit instrumentation class, Sikuli, MonkeyRunner

System-level Validation for SoCs

  • Pre and post-silicon validation
  • Products and Services peripheral & system bring-up

Web / Mobile application / UI development

  • Android, iOS application development, webpage development

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