Logo Localization for Brand Monitoring using AWS ML services and DeepLens

The client is US based sportswear manufacturer. They produce footwear, apparel, and sports goods with company logo branding for their factory stores where it can be purchased. They were looking for logo validation solution where the design needs to be validated once the product is manufactured to comply with approved product design. The client approached Softnautics to help them develop an AI model based on AWS ML services and Deep-Lens to detect and localize their brand logos on their certain range of products. Logo localization locates the presence of objects in a logo (abstract/figurative design) and indicates their location with a bounding box/area. The solution is targeted to help logo printing companies, retailers, and wholesalers to automate the design validation after printing.

Business Benefits

Semiconductor Delivered Machine Learning based real time validation of logo locations on final         products as compared with product design, eliminating human errors         
Semiconductor Improved sorting of products items for shipping and discarding  

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