USB3.2 Device Controller


This USB Device softcore semiconductor-IP is designed for USB3.2 SuperSpeedPlus and SuperSpeed USB-Device implementations along with backward compatibility to High/Full speed modes with Type-C or standard USB-Device connector.

USB Device Controller with protocol-layer & link-layers implementation

USB3 Gen2 x2 link with fallback to Gen2 x1, Gen1 x2, Gen1 x1, and backward compatibility for USB2 High/Full Speed modes. Support PIPE and UTMI+/ULPI interfaces with full link power management

  • AMBA-AXI system-bus interface for configuration-space access and data-path interface with Inbuilt DMA engines that provide enhanced data transfer capability
  • Up to 16 IN and OUT Endpoints including control Endpoint
  • Parameterized design allows configuration of internal buffers based on application needs
  • Clock domain crossing mechanism between USB and XDC/system-bus logic provides flexibility for easy integration

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