So a little help is all that is needed!!

On a flight to Kuala Lumpur recently, I noticed a young girl of seven requests the stewardess for an orange juice. The stewardess was probably over-worked and responded quite curtly with ‘I will come by later if I remember’.

The young girl smiled and got up to follow her to the galley. I noticed that she came back after a short while with a glass of orange juice.

As she was seated by the aisle next to me, I struck up a conversation with her. I asked her what she did when she went to the galley! She said she offered to help the stewardess if she had too much work. The stewardess apparently hugged her and appreciated her offer and gave her the orange juice. So, I asked her why she did that.

Her response was absolutely magical!

She said, my mum always tells me that when people are upset, it has more to do with them having to carry the world on their shoulders. During these moments, she says, I should help offload the world from their shoulders. I wish I had had her wisdom when I was her age. Our parents probably tell us the same variation, but very few implement it as she did.
Message: An offer of little help can make someone’s day a lot better!

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