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5G edge computing

Collect and control data more effectively for faster insights

As IoT adoption accelerates, enterprises are able to do more with their data. 5G edge computing has created new service revenue opportunities, bringing data storage closer to where it is generated. At Softnautics, we help enterprises with better data controlling, lower latency, reduced costs, and faster insights.

Edge Intelligence

Improve user experience with Softnautics’ internet protocol flow mobility solution

Growing data traffic has brought with it the need for better mobility management, which our PMIPv6-based mobility solution offers. The thoroughly tested solution uses a centralized mobility management protocol (Proxy Mobile IPv6), where a core entity (the Local Mobility Anchor) connects with the Mobility Access Gateways using bi-directional tunnels.

Discover connectivity solutions that align with your transformation goals

Softnautics’ connectivity services and solutions span board design, firmware and application development, system validation, and certification for both wireless and wired connectivity. We have fully automated end-to-end use cases that demonstrate our expertise in the development of GUI- and CLI-based management tools with remote administration capabilities as well as QA and automation.

Edge Computing

Design and consulting services

Extensive consulting services for planning, implementing, and maintaining connectivity solutions.

IoT Consulting Services

IoT and M2M services

Collection, storage, and exchange of data using the latest IoT technology as well as M2M services for legacy systems.

Edge Analytics

Stack and performance optimizations

Improving ease-of-use and performance efficiency using sophisticated integration techniques.

operating system platforms

Design and porting applications

Enabling smooth transitions by porting connectivity stacks onto different processors and operating system platforms.

System Testing

Product and protocol testing

Using an approach and strategy that brings you the types of tests, test infrastructure, and testing tools that are right for you.

Transform design challenges into, connected experiences

Using our vast expertise with a wide range of OS, proficiency with network drivers and stacks, edge intelligence, and edge analytics, we bring you performance optimization and customized solutions.


Bluetooth and mobile applications

Developing BLE-based apps for your wearable devices along with mobile

SDN-NFV integration


SDN chaining with Virtual Network Functions

Networking solutions

Stack integration and validation

Integrating connectivity stacks onto different processors and operating system and validating them

Network protocol

Network protocol and application development

Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 1G/2.5G/10G & Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)


Wireless and wired connectivity

Providing reliability and stability with hands-on experience


5G spectrum testing

Experience in DFS & GA compliance testing and certification

Tools and Technology

We integrate diverse technologies to provide cutting-edge and interoperable solutions for consumer, industrial, healthcare, automotive, and other applications. Our expertise includes the complete software stack build for the SDN-related ASIC, including SDK, drivers, control plan & management layers, LTE WLAN, and L2 & L3 network protocol.



QA: Wireshark

Applications: SNMP
Agent Development, Win Sock Direct (WSD), Sockets Direct Protocol

Network: IPtables—Firewall, Filtering, PMIPv6 IP Flow Mobility (RFC 5213), LWIP Network Stack, Bare-metal, FreeRTOS



Production and Certification: FCC and CE Compliance Test, Radio Calibration using Atheros Radio Test

Applications and QA: WiFi Mesh/AP/CPE, Hostap, Wireless Sensor Network—Zigbee, 6LoWPAN, BLE, Sub 1GHz

Middleware: WEP and Dynamic WEP, 802.11i and 802.1x, Bluetooth 2.1 EDR, BLE 4.x/5.x


Ethernet, USB 3.2


5G, WiFi, BLE, Z-wave, Bluetooth, NFC, Zigbee, LoRa, Thread, 6LowPAN

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