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At Softnautics, we consider overall customer success when we design and implement our IP
solutions. We work proactively in high-speed serial, security, and codec technology areas to deliver semiconductor design IPs and provide ASIC/FPGA front-end services.

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USB 3.2 2x2

Complete suite of Host, Device, Dual-role(DRD), and retimer controllers incorporating the 20Gbps SuperSpeed USB standard supporting type-C and fully validated with USB-IF test-suite. Read More

Audio SRC

Custom IPs

Proven capability to design various custom design and verification IPs suitable for design aim such as area-efficiency or throughput-maximization.
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AES core implements Rijndael algorithm for encryption and decryption of plain text using cipher keys

• Fully synchronous design

• Supports AES 128 and AES 256 in various modes

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SHA-1 crypto core

SHAx crypto core

Ready to licence high-performance SHA-1, SHA-2, and SHA-3 IP core implements Secure hash algorithm specified in FIPS standard

• Fully synchronous design

• No external memory required

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FEC code

Reed Solomon FEC Codec

Reed Solomon IP core codec is based on IEEE 802.3bj clause 91

• Ability to bypass error correction to reduce latency through the core

• Multichannel and backpressure for decoders

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FEC code

Erasure Codec

Erasure IP consists of a separate encoder and decoder synthe-sizable cores

• Available for static and dynamic config

• Accepts customizable parameters

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