USB3.2 Dual Role Device (DRD) Core


This Dual Role Device (DRD) softcore semiconductor IP is designed for applications requiring both USB Host and Device implementation. This core comprises USB3.2 SSP, SS, HS/FS/LS Host and Device controllers in a single codebase that supports role-swap functionality.

Parameterized design

eXtensible Host Controller Interface with USB protocol-layer, and link-layers implementation. USB3 Gen2 x2 link with fallback to Gen2 x1, Gen1 x2, Gen1 x1, and backward compatibility for USB2 High/Full/Low Speed modes

  • Support PIPE and UTMI+/ULPI interfaces with full link power management
  • AMBA-AXI system-bus interface for configuration-space access and data-path interface
  • Up to 16 IN and OUT Endpoints including control Endpoint
  • Parameterized design allows configuration of internal buffers based on application needs
  • Clock domain crossing mechanism between USB and system-bus logic provides flexibility for easy integration

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