Vehicle On-board Diagnostics (OBD) Solutions

Today, vehicles are becoming stronger, safer and more environmentally friendly. In order to allow for an increase in the complexity of the ECU and its level of complex communication, it is important to have detailed insight into the control functions. Direct access to the ECU and analyzing it precisely, even when installed, is one of the main tasks of the diagnostic process. A leading automotive tier 1 supplier wanted a vehicle diagnostic monitoring tool along with OBD 2 standard. Required a single UI to display all the stats like oil temperature, air temperature, fuel flow rate, manifold pressure etc. Softnautics took this challenge and developed a vehicle diagnostics monitoring tool that easily log all driving statistics like Speed, time etc. and shows vehicle health status/report of multiple control modules on a single UI.

Business Benefits

Semiconductor  Eliminates faulty functions
Semiconductor  Reduce repairing costs  

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