Deploying Large Scale Boardfarm for Fortune 100 Client

Multi-geography, Multi-threaded, scalable and customizable cluster-based architecture

In recent times, considering the multi-geography teams contributing to a common platform, the remote access board-farm concept is becoming an effective and efficient tool for solving the expanding test challenges, especially if configured as a cloud. Fortune 100 client approached us for an efficient, modular, and expandable framework compatible with open-source ecosystem to achieve true continuous integration (CI) in a seamless manner. They wanted an advanced feature in the dynamic board management tools with Jenkins. Jenkins is one of the most popular tools for continuous integration by software teams and is plays a significant role in accelerating the DevOps. Continuous integration is to provide rapid feedback so that if a defect is introduced into a codebase, it can be identified and corrected as soon as possible.

Business Benefits

Semiconductor  600+ Simultaneous Jenkins Projects handled
Semiconductor  75%+ Automated Relevant Defect filling ratio
Semiconductor  95%+ Resource Utilization with Intelligent Load Balancing
Semiconductor  80% Automation Index in deployment with 50+ n/w models  

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