SHA1 64/128 Crypto Core


SHA-1 IP core implements Secure Hash Algorithms specified in FIPS 180-4 standard. Common cores are available for ASIC and FPGA applications.

Fully synchronous design

Softnautics core supports higher frequency andaccepts data every 41 or 21 clocks as opposed to every 80 clocks for IP’s available in the market.

  • SHA1 supports SHA1 as per FIPS 180-4
  • 64-bit or 128-bit data path interface
  • Padding is added as per the specification to make message a multiple of 512-bit block
  • SHA1 produces message digest of 160 bits
  • Accepts new block every 41 clocks (64-bit data path) or 21 clocks (128-bit data path)

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