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Get next-gen products from specification to silicon to deployment-ready solutions

Our extensive experience in product design, hardware engineering, and systems integration coupled with mature development processes help us ship great hardware designs, optimized embedded systems, and tools. Our offerings include FPGA/ASIC design, ready-to-license cutting-edge IPs, prototyping, and board bring-up.

semiconductor design

Realize innovative FPGA-based solutions with a Xilinx Alliance Member

As a Xilinx Alliance member, Softnautics provides qualifications and access to the latest Xilinx platforms. We offer proven design flow and validated ready-to-license IPs while helping customers build innovative FPGA-based solutions.

Meet growing demand with future-ready semiconductor design

The IoT revolution has had a powerful impact on the semiconductor industry, with a strong focus on software. To help our customers keep up, we offer a broad range of semiconductor solutions.

IP Validation

IP validation

Pre-silicon & post-silicon validation; BT-WiFi-LTE co-existence IP; and firmware development.

Sensor abstraction


End-to-end software solutions for sensor-based boards, where all sensor features can be explored and demonstrated.

SoC power management

SoC power management

System-level power management and low power modes on interfaces such as Ethernet, PCIExpress, and USB.

Wi-Fi CPE product development

Wi-Fi CPE product development

Self-healing, self-tuning mesh networks using patented wireless algorithm; MIPS- and Xscale-based SoCs running on VxWorks OS.

IP validation test framework

IP validation test framework

Life cycle management; inter-processor communication capabilities; and managing of remote compute resources and associated software contexts.

DSP optimization

DSP optimization and porting

Port OpenVX1.2 Kernels; develop OpenVX API interface to build vision libraries; host-host DSP communication drivers; and performance benchmarking.

ML & simulation tools

ML & simulation

Machine learning compiler simulator tool for a leading FPGA vendor.

Audio & voice processing drivers

Audio & voice processing drivers

Development of audio drivers for wide range of DSP based audio processor for a client who is an industry leader.

Peripheral drivers development

Peripheral drivers development

Serial (QSPI, I2C, SPI, etc.); storage (NAND, NOR, DDR, SD, etc.); Ethernet; USB; and miscellaneous (Reset, TTC, CCF, GPIO, etc.) drivers

Test automation framework

Softnautics test automation framework

Test automation framework for embedded systems to accelerate test setup and execute manual and automated tests from the same environment resulting in reliable issue reproducibility.

Maximize efficiency with smart solutions by Softnautics

Our semiconductor offerings demonstrate expertise in IP-leveraged services and high-speed serial protocols as well as production-ready design IPs, system Verilog and UVM, ML model deployment, and pre-post processing of voice and vision data flow.


Ready-to-license and fully validated security IPs; USB 3.2/3.0 host, device, retimer IPs; and codec IPs.


Accelerated product-development using ready IPs


IP/Engineering design automation tool


Chip tape-outs 180nm to 16nm technology nodes


Integrated device manufacturing


Benchmarking and performance testing


Semiconductor design is in Softnautics’ DNA, enabling us to develop a wide range of successful solutions for our customers.

NoC chip

NOC chip CPU interface turn-key solution

NoC chip

Ethernet over USB for n/w KVM

High speed serial interface

High speed serial interface IP as part of Emulation platform

Wifi LTE

BT-Wifi-LTE Co-existence IP validation

Smart watch

Smart watch Firmware Development

ETH and DMA IP validation

ETH & DMA IP validation for LwIP Ethernet Adapter

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