Enabling a Seamless Audio Processors Integration

Nowadays clients expect better listening accuracy in their electronics, which drives systems that have more mics and more processing. Device makers are also highly motivated to enhance user privacy and keep more personal information on-device. Together, this creates huge challenges for designers to implement these enhanced capabilities.

A leading digital voice processor chipset company with headquarter in Mountain View, California was looking forge collaboration for firmware, driver, middleware, and automation for the integration of its powerful audio processor into OEM product design.

Softnautics collaborated to develop, integrate, and validate various audio algorithms, port ALSA codec, and develop a voice recognition solution for end-user demonstrations.

Business Challenge

Integrate audio processors with OEM’s product designs to support multiple mics with audio zoom, acoustic echo cancellation, speech recognition, and 3-way call along with low-power voice wake-up feature.

Solution Provided


Developed dedicated Android System Service, JNI & HAL showing Android stack capabilities to develop voice recognition based demo application


Extensive support provided in Hi-Fi audio systems with quality audio output.


Implement hotword detection to implement voice wake-up solution


End to End Solution support from firmware to application and automation support:

• Firmware development, integration, customization & validation for noise suppression, acoustic echo cancellation, audio zoom, and speech recognition
• Host Software supporting ALSA driver, low power profiles, and hardware abstraction layer(HAL) porting
• End to end automation using h/w tools (Octa-Capture) & PC based SWs (Adobe Audition, Audacity) to control playback/capture
• Develop multi-mic recording and playback scenarios
• Handle hardware events for voice command recognition

Business Benefits

80% Reduced product development time and faster time-to-market

40% Power consumption

30% Reduced the response time

Tools and Technologies

Hardware Platforms

TI OMAP4, Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 & MSM8974 and Redhook Board


C,C++, Java,
Shell Scripintg

Operating System

Andoid and Linux

Debugging Tools

Adobe Audition,

Development Tools

Android SDK,
Git, Gerrit

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