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Quality Engineering Services

Implement efficient QA processes with expert Quality Engineering services

Through Quality Engineering services designed for both software and embedded devices, we help enterprises thrive in highly competitive markets. Our comprehensive set of services includes QA consulting, web & mobile test automation, device-to-cloud QA automation, and product & IoT testing using DevOps expertise. We have provided consulting to the automotive customers for safety and standards compliance such as FuSa ISO26262, MISRA, etc.

Embedded Testing

Develop, execute, and analyze test cases with STAF by Softnautics

Robust and cost-effective, the Softnautics Test Automation Framework (STAF) provides system, functional, and end-to-end testing across embedded devices, web, cloud, and mobile. Its modular architecture lets you test scenarios through easy to replace test libraries and achieve continuous integration and delivery(CI/CD).

Meet rising customer expectations with smart Quality Assurance services

Rapidly evolving digital technologies are creating high customer expectations, making it challenging for businesses to keep up. Through manual as well as automated testing services, we provide quality validation to help enterprises achieve their business goals.

Product testing

Product testing

Product variant testing as well as testing for audio/Image multimedia, embedded devices, firmware, and software.

IoT testing

IoT testing

Covering sensor integration, interoperability, connected web/mobile,
and edge-to-cloud.

Security testing

Security testing

Performing penetration testing of desktop/mobile/web-based applications.

Intelligent and automated QA

Intelligent and automated QA

Best-in-class solutions for continuous integration, deployment, and testing.

Connectivity and protocol testing

Connectivity and protocol testing

Ensuring proper functioning by testing radio protocol, DFS, Bluetooth, and signal coverage.

Mobile and web app testing

Mobile and web application testing

Load testing of desktop/mobile/web-based applications.

Embedded device

Embedded device testing

Enabling a faster turnaround time by running test cases in parallel.

Design validation


FuSa (ISO 26262), MISRA compliance.

Boardfarm management

Boardfarm management

A multi-threaded automation framework for seamless system deployment, automation and hierarchical reporting.

Align with global standards through proven strategies and services

Softnautics’ expertise in automating crucial testing processes will help you digitize your business in the most strategic, cost-effective, and scalable manner.

Quality Engineering services

Tools and Technology

We work with the best to improve your QA operations.

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