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Multimedia Services

Multimedia being one of our forte, we allow a rich entertainment experience on all platforms, including smartphones, laptops, smart TVs and other devices. Our multimedia services enable the development of end-to-end hardware for streaming media solutions and their validation.

Softnautics has extensive experience in product design and systems integration and is actively working on streaming media product realization. To offer faster and more profitable solutions to the market, we offer audio, video and voice codecs optimized on different platforms suitable for different areas of applications. We have created integrated multimedia systems in real time for streaming applications to ensure a guaranteed, reliable and fast delivery.


We offer multimedia solutions and services for high-speed board design, video & audio driver development & firmware, porting of codecs, as well as multimedia applications including media player, camera design, video calling, motion detection, object tracking & so on. We also offer middleware enhancements, low-level driver development, multimedia SDK development, video analysis development, system integration and system-level validation of multimedia features of the devices.

Multimedia Offerings

Quality Engineering and Validation

Framework Integration

Audio / Video Driver Development

Applications Development

Support Engineering

Multimedia Expertise

Applications: Media Player, Surveillance & DVR, Image Processing, Video Analytics


  • Media Frameworks: Gstreamer, FFMPEG
  • Vision/Analytics: OpenCV, OpenVX, FastCV
  • Display & Graphics: Libdrm, openGL

Middleware: Video/Image Codecs, Audio/Speech Codecs, Containers, Android

Platform Layer: Capture Drivers V4L2, Image Processing Drivers, Audio Drivers (ALSA), Display Drivers: LCD, DRM, DP, HDMI

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