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Media & Entertainment industry

Enable context-rich user experiences with emerging technologies

As more businesses and individuals go digital, the way content is created, distributed, and consumed changes. Users expect more customization and engagement, compelling the Media & Entertainment (M&E) industry to make customer experience a top priority. To meet this demand, we help organizations combine IoT and cloud with AR/VR and get actionable insights from user data.

Media & Entertainment

Take on the trends with Softnautics’ multimedia solutions

Our multimedia solutions span a wide range of capabilities, from stream capture and AV codecs to image and video analytics through Vision Technologies. These solutions are designed to prepare you for digitalization, multi-platform content consumption, wireless connectivity, cloud storage, consumer analytics, and other major developments reshaping the industry.

Give your customers the best with the latest technologies

Increasingly, customers are becoming efficient multi-device, multi-platform users who want high-quality content delivered to them seamlessly. Bring innovative experiences to life for them with Softnautics’ future-ready solutions.

Virtual reality

Cloud AR/VR

Platform integration, validation support, application development, and VR streaming on gadgets.

OTT platforms

OTT platforms

Multi-platform and multi-device OTT app; CMS integration; and OTT app testing for iOS/Android and certification

Intelligent cloud ML

Intelligent cloud ML

VOD and live streaming; AR/VR and mixed reality; integration of custom codec through private cloud; and image processing and analytics.

Cloud media services

Enabling cloud media services for custom IPs

Custom multimedia stack services; new media interface drivers; system designing and integration; and proprietary / opensource framework porting.

Generate user retention with experience-driven entertainment

Demonstrating a strong understanding of what the customer wants can differentiate you from the competition. Achieve that using our expertise in pre- and post-silicon validation, cost-optimization, analyzing and optimizing data, multi-device support, interoperable solutions, and multimedia and connectivity.

Image processing

Machine learning framework; API integration; object detection, recognition, counting, classification; and data extraction from image.

Vision technologies

Training deep learning models; building codec libraries; 3D image processing; image segmentation; and feature analysis and tracking.

Middleware development

ALSA driver development; power management for ALSA driver; HAL & middleware customizations; and QA & Automation.

HQ video codecs and reference designs

Gstreamer-based media solution apps; SW stack integration in Yocto; pre-silicon, post-silicon validation; and Linux driver development

OpenVX vision library validation

Portability across diverse architectures; face, body, and gesture-tracking; APIs for developing computer vision applications; and autonomous driver assistance systems.

H.264 codec porting

Encoding and decoding for real-time video transmission applications up to 1080p; real-time image compression; and variable bit rate (VBR) and constant bit rate (CBR) support.

Digital video recording and streaming

Video monitoring solution including software for management, recording and video display; live video streaming over RTP/RTSP; and DHCP, mDNS, IPv4LL NTP, FTP, SMTP protocol support.

Multimedia stack development/integration

Rich media applications and UI; Android and Linux based media systems; and real-time video analytics on multiple devices and platforms.

Tools and Technology

We deliver innovative products, services, and applications for the M&E Industry with a strong selection of tools and technology.

Platform Layer

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