IMU Motion Sensor Windows Application

IMUs are just one part of a larger sensor market that has been in strong demand of late. Motion and gesture-based devices are becoming a key feature in many consumer electronic devices, including smartphones, smart homes, automotive and industrial devices. IMUs are sensing devices that incorporate multiple sensors to measure the location of a host device in three-dimensional space.

A leading sensor platform company specialized in the design and manufacture of high-quality sensors and solutions to simplify advanced perception, measurement, and control in consumer, automotive, and industrial applications.

Softnautics developed and delivered a modular and scalable windows application to demonstrate all the feature of IMU with high precision sensors Accelerometer, Gyroscope, magnetometer, temperature. We also developed sensor chip configurations for different features demonstrations and live FFT plotting on collected sensor samples. Added support for 3rd party IMU and measure time domain noise density.

Business Benefits


High precision sensor samples rate with an accuracy of < 33ms


Faster time to market


Easy to configure without re-building applications for different IMUs

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