Automotive HMI Infotainment System

Today the modern vehicles are equipped with different sorts of HMI technologies. Innovation in HMI software and enhanced UI/UX has increased its demand in the automotive market. Human Machine interfaces(HMI) in automotive environment are incorporated in every possible touch point and assists driver and passengers to control infotainment, and ADAS applications.

A leading automotive tier 1 suppliers wanted to improve the driving experience with a sophisticated human machine interface (HMI) based on GENIVI platform and QT based Infotainment Head Unit. The client required multiple applications like Navigation, HVAC, Connected Home, Browser, and Smart Reverse Parking Assistance embedded in vehicle infotainment system.

Softnautics developed these features in a demo system in very short span of 2 months and delivered to the satisfaction of the customer. We designed and implemented a comprehensive, distraction-free HMI offering an innovative navigation experience by combining vehicle head units, and heads-up displays into one cross-linked system.

Business Benefits


Faster time to market


10% reduced operational costs

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