Hardware-Based High- Quality Video Codec

The diverse applications of video streaming have demanded revolutionary changes in video transmission mechanisms. As a result, video codec units have evolved as complex systems to provide multi-standard encoder/decoder(s) supporting multiple streaming with flexible rate control and on-the-fly encoding parameter modifications.

A leading U.S. based inventor of the FPGA, hardware programmable SoCs, and the ACAP, designed to deliver the most dynamic video codec unit capable of handling video streaming, conferencing, broadcasting, surveillance, vision, web multimedia, video distribution & recording products & services.

Softnautics as a multimedia expert has maintained a history with the client, as a Software Engineering partner in the evolution of their Video Codec product right from the post-silicon validation, SoC bring-up, Multimedia Framework integration, Build systems integration, Feature Enhancements, Performance Benchmarking, Regression Testing to Solutioning several innovative/trending/in-demand use-cases.

Business Benefits

The customer ’s main challenge was to get multi standard video encoding/decoding with high quality solution for 4K@60FPS & beyond it. Client also wanted to optimize video streaming with prevalent network infrastructure and ease of adaptation for end user integration. Another challenge was to lowe r the cost per stream whilst ensuring best performance and to adapt existing client’s evolving test frameworks.

Solution Provided


Performance benchmarking for H.264 H.265
codec at max bit rate (25Mbps)


Enhanced transcoding capability of


SW framework enhancements across the
Multimedia Stack


Bug fixing & feature enhancements


Ultra low latency s olution (<36ms@60FPS)


Product feature integration & verification


H.265  interlaced video support


Post Silicon Validation


Regression testing

Business Benefits

Low Latency solution for 8 bit & 10 bit formats

40% bitrate savings

30% decreased bandwidth consumption

Tools and Technologies

Ultrascale+ MPSoC
HW & Toolchain

StreamEye Video
Test Software

GDB, Valgrind

GStreamer Multimedia

Video Interfaces

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