Expand your market presence with consumer-focused products

Creating connected experiences with state-of-the-art consumer electronics

Augmented and virtual reality

Build high-performing devices that integrate cutting-edge technologies

To help consumer electronics companies boost their presence in the market, we enable seamless connectivity and analyze consumer usage patterns using our expertise in various cutting-edge technologies such as integrating cloud connectivity with IoT devices.

Consumer Electronics

Maximize device connectivity with Softnautics’ holistic approach

We help in building connected consumer electronic devices and accessories that can be monitored remotely and connected to a smartphone wirelessly. Our expertise encompasses audio/video systems, augmented and virtual reality, automation solutions, smart wearables, and a complete overhaul in consumer electronics engineering for OEMs.

Tap into our extensive consumer electronics engineering expertise

As the consumer electronics industry expands beyond producing and distributing hardware into delivering connected experiences, expectations around device capabilities increase. To help businesses meet them, Softnautics offers a wide range of consumer electronics solutions.

BLE wearables

BLE wearables

BLE v4.x F/W development and customizations; Android & iOS apps; and smartwatch applications.

Gadget diagnostics

Gadget diagnostics

Modular & extensible diagnostics applications; post-silicon validation; and peripherals like USB, SPI, I2C, Memory, Ethernet, PCI/PCIe (Gen1), and MIPI.

Mobile app validation

Mobile app validation

White-box and unit testing; wireless network testing; mobile usability testing; mobile test automation frameworks; and security and privacy testing.

Wireless router products

Wireless router products

End-to-end software solutions for all chipsets; seamless connectivity on Wi-Fi and 5G networks; L2/L3 roaming algorithms; and DFS & CE compliance.

Activity monitoring

Activity monitoring

Longer range and low power consumption solutions; firmware dev. for IMU sensors and BLE parameters; and BLE based Android/iOS mobile apps.

Automation framework

Test framework

Automation framework for hardware/software; accelerate test setup; unified manual automated execution; and faster and reliable issue reproducibility in manual environments.

Posture & motion detection

Posture & motion detection

Multiple sensors support & integration; real-time notifications and alerts; and applications to track user’s posture.

Get customized product design and development solutions

Experience cost optimization, interoperable solutions, multimedia & connectivity expertise, new service revenue opportunities, data analysis and optimization, and product & technical support with Softnautics.

IoT device integration

Customized and connected applications

Android & iOS, web/mobile, and enterprise applications, including cloud API development.

Complete testing and certification

Pre-compliance and certification; testing automation frameworks; and hardware and software testing.

Improved user experience

UI/UX design and development as well as prototyping and usability testing..

Integrated experiences

IoT device integration; cloud & DevOps; Bluetooth & Wi-Fi enablement; and remote device management.

Tools and Technology

Our consumer electronics solutions engage top-quality tools and technology to build and monitor future-ready devices.

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