AI Driven Evolution of Test Automation Frameworks To Be ML Ready

All these test automation frameworks ensure an optimum testing speed along with perks like higher ROI. So, to skyrocketing revenue, organizations have started deploying test automation frameworks for all their hardware and software products.

The Secret Sauce To Develop End-Use FPGAs Solutions

Today, FPGAs are forming the backbone for 5G, Embedded Vision, Smart World (Cities, Factories, and so on), Cloud platforms, and safety-critical systems. Machine Learning and Artificial adoption in our world is going to boost the demand for FPGAs, considering these fields are still evolving.

Tracking Social Distance: What Enables Those Red and Green Boxes

Embedded Vision requires the machines which have the ability to see, sense, and quickly respond to challenges the hardware designers create next-gen architecture that is highly differentiated and extremely responsive to adapt to ever-evolving algorithms and image sensors.