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Driving cognitive systems and compliance for the Automotive Industry


Achieve FuSa compliance at any phase of your development journey

While advancements in driver assistance systems are addressing safety concerns, fear of system failure keeps users from trusting technology. To help manufacturers offer assurance, we modify their system engineering approach to comply with Functional Safety ISO 26262.

Machine Learning

Transform in-vehicle experience using HMI

With our expertise in autonomous driving platforms, functions, middleware, and adaptive AUTOSAR, we enable you to add cognitive features, media streaming, and autonomous driving to your car using frameworks like GENIVI, CAN protocol based vehicle diagnostics.

Meet performance requirements with accelerated ML and AI solutions

With powerful accelerators such as FPGAs and GPUs, we build low-power high-accuracy intelligence solutions including enhanced fleet management systems. We support clients throughout their cognitive journeys and help them build vision and voice capabilities into autonomous vehicles.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and AI

Designed for OEMs as well as AI solution providers, our engineering services enable in-vehicle intelligence, predictive decisions, integrated mobile and web navigation, and voice recognition and guidance.

Multimedia Frameworks


We offer multimedia engineering and validation, framework integration, audio/video driver development, applications development, and are actively working on streaming media solutions.



Our comprehensive autonomous infotainment portfolio includes A/V codecs, image processing, surveillance and DVR, QA and automation, app development, and automotive-grade FPGA and SoCs.

Equip your vehicle with future-ready features

With over a decade of experience in audio, connectivity, and storage, we are uniquely positioned to offer you complete support as you explore a wide range of capabilities for your autonomous vehicle. Softnautics’ audio, wireless mesh, WiFi 5 (, and USB IPs currently power millions of devices within various end-user gadgets.

FuSa compliance

FuSa compliance services for Functional Safety ISO 26262 adherence, audit, and certification with documentation


Automotive AI for autonomous mobility, driver distraction detection, license plate recognition, and traffic sign recognition

Product engineering

Product Engineering covering ECU firmware, Adaptive AUTOSAR, software stack integration, and safety-critical systems

chip solutions

Solutions including HMI and infotainment, vehicle diagnostics, and car fitness trackers

Tools and Technology

Equipped with powerful ML frameworks and tools, Softnautics’ highly-qualified team prepares automotive manufacturers for rapid technology advancements.


Adaptive AUTOSAR Certified


FuSa Trained

ML Frameworks


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