Over the past few years, Softnautics has been actively involved & successful within the below Domains. Our Customers have benefited due to their association with us across multiple assignments. More than 93 % of our assignments have been through repeat Orders & this is an amplification of the Trust & Faith that our Customers have on our ability to Deliver – As agreed upon, On Time & As Expected.


Softnautics creates IoT solutions that meet our customer’s security, privacy, and compliance requirements. We leverage device hardware to ensure code integrity, build and validate authentication schemes and ensure the resulting system is secure. After proactively assessing security vulnerabilities and ensuring the system meets our customer’s use cases we are also able to address issues after productization and installation onsite with our customers.


Softnautics team of experts leverage their deep understanding of the latest video IP, software frameworks and networking technologies to create high-quality video solutions for our customers. Our team is adept at delivering value through existing multimedia frameworks such as GStreamer and Stagefright. We are singularly focused on meeting our customer’s needs. To ensure success, we take complete delivery ownership and work across IP vendors, communities and other 3rd parties to deliver complete systems.


Softnautics’ Wireless Mesh team’s deep radio, protocol and framework experience enables them to help our customers build mesh networking solutions and solutions that seamlessly interoperate with the latest mesh networking technology. With expertise in frameworks like OpenWrt, protocols like B.A.T.M.A.N. and underlyingly IP, Softnautics can efficiently deliver and optimize full-stack solutions for customers. We are also able to help customers deliver solutions that comply with safety standards such as ISO 26262 and solutions that require enhanced security features.


Wireless Sensor Integration with the Cloud

Softnautics has been in the forefront of understanding, evaluating & implementing emerging Technologies for End-User benefits. Thus our forays on the Integration of Cloud & Embedded Technologies is more of a natural extension on our Service & Technology Initiatives. We have been studying & implementing novel Technology solutions across Business Domains for information gathering & decision making – be it Agriculture, Health care, Engineering Services, Retail or Home.

The next generation will immensely benefit when sensor data is added to blogs, virtual communities, and social network applications. This transformation of data derived from sensor networks into a valuable resource for information hungry applications will benefit from techniques being developed for the emerging Cloud Computing technologies. Users request will be served via three service layers (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) either from the archive, archive is made by collecting data periodically from WSN to Data Centers (DC), or by generating live query to corresponding sensor network.

Customers could benefit immensely due to a deeper understanding of both the Technologies that Softnautics possesses as of date.


Simply explained, Machine Learning is Artificial Intelligence provided to a Computer to learn without being explicitly programmed. Thus it can react to new Data sets without disruption by building patterns from within the data & adjust itself accordingly. With the help of Machine-Learning, User Organisations can prepare & adapt themselves better to meet the requirements of the ever-changing world without disruptions. Machine Learning could be applied across the multiple Domains of Information Technology, Bio-Informatics, Language Processing, Gaming, Economics, User behaviour Analytics etc.

So a Technology provider providing solutions on this High end arena must possess the Technology Edge, Domain expertise & the vision to look at futuristic occurrence & the allied Data.

Technology skills to build systems accordingly

Domain Understanding to help build better algorithms & patterns to address emerging occurrence needs

Vision to envision the solution

We at Softnautics pride ourselves in having the Capability & Vision to address the demands from Users requiring such Solutions. Specifically addressing the needs within the “Predictive Analysis” & “Algorithm Development” space, we believe that we would be able to cater to a majority of the requirements across Domains.