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Embedded System Design Services

We offer a unique blend of critical components in development of an embedded systems. Our services include but not limited to design & development of hardware, software, firmware and application. Read more

VLSI IP Products

Innovations in semiconductor technology has helped serve ever increasing demand and growth in electronics industry. Improving time to market to keep pace with growing market requirements is the key to success. Read more

VLSI Design Services

Team Softnautics is proud to have smart working engineers with expertise in various domains of chip design cycle. We provide quality engineering services in the area of front-end design, verification, and FPGA prototyping. Read more

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Embedded Systems Services


VLSI IP Products and Services


What our Employees Speak About Us

It’s been a roller coaster ride to success at Softnautics. With passionate engineering team and amazing work culture we are poised to soar new heights in coming years.

Dipak Modi
Dipak ModiDirector, VLSI Design

At Softnautics, there is a nonstop opportunity for career advancement by working with the latest technologies. What I admire the most is a clear vision of leadership, friendly work environment and always ready to help peers.

Toral Mevada
Toral MevadaStaff Engineer

Flexibility to manage work hours helps in maintaining work-life balance. Opportunities to learn new technologies helps in enhancing skills. Helpful, friendly people and fun events make work more enjoyable!

Tanvi Desai
Tanvi DesaiSenior Embedded Engineer

I joined this company right after graduation, because the product platform seemed attractive. What has made me stay here for 5 years now and counting is diverse ideas towards a common goal, passionate engineers and transparent work culture where arguments lead to some amazing work not fear.

Ujjwal Talati
Ujjwal TalatiVLSI Design

Great place to work & a decent working environment. The relationships Softnautics built with the clients and employees is second to none. Having the chance to learn new things is important during the early stages of my career.

Astha Parikh
Astha ParikhSenior Embedded Engineer

About Us

Softnautics Inc. is a product engineering solutions company with expertise in VLSI IP and embedded software development. We have developed several VLSI IPs for semiconductor companies to integrate with their solution and build successful ASICs and SoCs.

We develop custom IPs per our customer requirements as well as provide off the shelf ready to integrate IPs (e.g. USB 3.0). Our exceptional people have built software for mesh network devices and the cloud-based management infrastructure to manage them, implemented state-of-the-art noise-cancellation algorithms for flagship mobile phones, created end-to-end IoT systems, built firmware for 4K video accelerators and created software for wearable communication using Bluetooth.

Now we are creating solutions with TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet and other deep learning frameworks.

Established 10 years ago in the hub of Silicon Valley, Softnautics Inc. has been accelerating customer execution by doing whatever it takes to help our customers ship their solution. This has included working alongside new silicon bring up teams, traveling to our customer’s customer site to ensure smooth solution integrations and adding resources on short notice.

At Softnautics we understand what it takes to ship a solution and we’d love to help you ship yours.

Vehicle Classification In Real Time

Softnautics developed a software for Lattice which identifies vehicles and classifies them as heavy, light, and two-wheel. The inferencing is done using Convolutional Neural Networks implemented in the Embedded Vision Development Kit’s ECP5 FPGA. Power consumption is less than 1W.

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